movable furniture wall | 2012 | with studio_01
Grand Prix - ABLE Space Competition 2012


Barcode Room is a concept installable modular furniture-wall system which move freely from side to side, permitting one to customize a space within a room to fit a variety of uses. Placing functional elements such as storage and furniture into these walls, only to be pulled out when in use, also allows for more of the floor area to be used by the inhabitant and guests, thus creating an overall space where one is able to both comfortably live and entertain a different number of guests easily.

Each furniture-wall is a combination from a selection of 12 types of components to make a single bar. Depending on this combination, various types of bars with specific uses can be created such as bars for living, cooking, or sleeping. The composition of the various components into different bars, as well as the position of these bars, allows the user to create their own unique collection of layouts, or barcodes, for their life.

Additionally, when different furniture are unfolded or pulled out of neighboring walls, windows through the space are created as both sides of the wall become connected through large openings. The dynamic quality of the space’s changeable size and continuity create a feeling of connectivity through the space which seems to virtually enlarge the floor area.