typeface | 2015


The DIURNE typeface has the ability to tie the important moments in our lives to the words we type. Using solar data prescribed by a specific location, date, and time shadows are created which move through a range of varying angles, thicknesses, and lengths giving individuality to each moment and font. 

A customized font can celebrate moments for a range of occasions connecting the importance of the words with the importance of the event. Personal moments like birthdays or weddings, business anniversaries for branding, or historical events or achievements can be solidified and highlighted with their own unique fonts. Rather than merely choosing a font to use, the message itself becomes an individual expression both in its meaning and appearance.

DIURNE relies on a system of design based on the motion of the sun, leaving room for a variety of styles to be created using the same steps. While the first iteration of DIURNE is a serif font, a different input to the system can yield a variety of styles, such as sans serif, script, digital, or more. Solar data for DIURNE is calculated using Heliotrope by Slate Shingle Studio which has been made available for use under Creative Commons

For more information on DIURNE, and how DIURNE was created, please head to our Kickstarter Page. While our campaign was unsuccessful, if you are interested in using or purchasing DIURNE please contact us.