installation | 2013 | with studio_01
Shortlist - Spiritual Space Competition, anonymous.d


Cultures mix, ideas intermingle, and the concept of spiritual space and spirituality alter. Religious buildings typically oppose this growth as they close their doors to the outside world during worship. However, a space specifically devoted to spirituality does not inherently require a religious one, nor does it mean one with an unchanging design.  

Percentages of beliefs in a given location divide the plan accordingly, allowing people of any faith to be able to have their own individual spiritual experience in a unified space for all ideologies in the form of an open pavilion with a porous roof. The roof’s holes are designed for each belief and marked by spiritual symbols, varying by size to distinguish zones through intensity of light. This lighting creates a gentle spiritual atmosphere, as its transient quality only minimally alters each site. The park remains a park, alleys continue to be paths, and the river continues to flow and all are welcome to worship.

The five cities shown are among the world's most populated cities and show mixtures of many different beliefs.  Tokyo - Cairo - New Delhi - Jakarta - New York City